Vic Cosmetics

JUST added to my boutique - Vic Cosmetics.  A brand new - just launched hip, cosmetic company that is sure to impress!  Officially launching in Feb 1st - we will be releasing new products throughout Jan - I can't WAIT to share them with YOU!  From Body to face care to cosmetics - you will fall in love!  AND...there will be some amazing customer specials - Buy 2 get 1 FREE - Buy 3 Get 3 FREE - and MORE!  WHAT...unheard of!  AND...a Customer referral program...short on cash for you OWN products...share with your friends and earn 15% towards your OWN purchases.  WOWZERS!  Stay tuned - more details to come!  AND..feel free to click on the pic and check out what is going on right now!! 

Have you ever thought about running your own home based business?  We are looking for YOU!  Help us spread the word...VIC is FREE to join - and new consultants get 3 free months of their websites - NO RISK...that is right NO RISK!  Send me a note...let's chat!  Or better yet - click on the pic and join RIGHT NOW!  THEN send me a note so I can add you to some fun, informative FB groups!